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Being a caregiver for someone you love is a great honor.  It’s also a lot of work.  Unfortunately, caregivers don’t always get a lot of support…that can be because they don’t have time to look for help, they’re just too tired, or they don’t know even know where to start.   We are exploring ways to find helpful resources for each state – in the meantime, some caregivers have found it useful to go online to look for help.  Try looking for “caregiver support” and the name of your state.

We are also big believers that in order to care for others, we need to make sure we’re okay, too. It’s hard to keep it together for someone else when you’re falling apart yourself – and that’s how it can feel when you’re a caregiver.  Below is a set of resources more focused on helping you survive – we hope they help – even if only a little. 

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